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For a limited time, we will design or build your site for free (Up to 15 hours of work). Only after your site is launched will we begin charging our standard pricing of $199/month.

Create Beautiful, Powerful Sites without Code

All the tools you need to build a beautiful and powerful web experience.

Built on WordPress, Quelop is an Enterprise-Grade Web Development and CMS Platform with all of the powerful features and tools you need to take your site to the next level.

Featuring a streamlined admin experience with a drag & drop editor, advanced speed and security-optimizations, and an integrated suite of leading web technologies hand-selected and integrated to ensuring our platform’s functionality is unbeatable.

Platform Features


  • Unlimited Customization: Customize or build anything without needing to code
  • Dynamic Layout Templates: Build layouts for various page/post types
  • Responsive Design: Optimize your site for Mobile & Tablet
  • Advanced Animations: Impress users by taking advantage of 30+ animation styles
  • Advanced SEO: Built-in advanced SEO optimizations & customizability
  • Integrations: Customizable integrations with most CRM, Social Media, and Analytics platforms


  • Drag & Drop Editor: With more than 90 easily configurable widget types
  • Global Design Settings: Enabling scalable & consistent site design
  • Easy-to-Use Admin Dashboard: Our modern admin 
  • Code-less Customizations: Customize anything without needing code
  • Free & Advanced Support: Included support with optional advanced support available


  • Optimized Code: Code files are intelligently optimized, minified, and combined
  • Efficient Resource Loading: CSS & Javascript files are only loaded on pages where they apply
  • Automated Image Optimization: Auto-compressed & optimized images
  • Intelligent Lazy-Loading: Images are intelligently lazy-loaded to speed up the initial page load
  • All Browsers Supported: All major browsers are supported


  • Daily Backups: We create daily backups of your site.
  • Brute-Force Protection: All Quelop Sites are protected against brute-force attacks
  • SSL Encryption: All Quelop sites include free SSL encryption
  • Automated Monitoring: Our software can automatically detect if your site has been attacked.
  • Malware Detection: Our system automatically detects if your site is injected with Malware.

Technical Support Structure




Project-Based Pricing


$60 / Hour

Free Platform Support includes:

  • Managed Site Hosting & CDN with 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Support for the Quelop Platform and Core Integrated Plugins
  • Bug Patches
  • Security Patches
  • Automated Issue Detection
  • Daily Website Backups
  • SSL Security Encryption

Project-Based Support, Consulting, and Development Services cover your Website’s Project Needs such as:

  • Web Application Development
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • Full Site Redesign
  • Custom CRM or ERP Implementation
  • eCommerce Implementation 

Hourly Advanced Technical Support from Our Experienced Developers can Assist with the Following Needs:

  • Website Design
  • Page Development
  • Training
  • Custom Code Development
  • SEO Consulting & Improvements
  • Conversion Optimization

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