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Meet Quelop: All-in-one web platform built on WordPress

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Admin Center

Quelop Features a Completely Rebuilt Admin Center that is a Refreshing Take on the WordPress Admin Experience. Our modern admin UI is built to simplify the administration experience of your website and features:

  • A streamlined, customizable admin navagation
  • Advanced web analytics with an integration to Google Analytics
  • Consistent, modern UI experience accross all of the built-in tools and features
  • Managment of all pages and posts
  • User management and Activity Logs
  • Site SEO configuration and optimization
  • Theme template configuration
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Global Design Settings

Easily configure global design settings of your website using our Global Site Settings. This panel gives you access to configure global settings including:

  • Global site colors
  • Global fonts
  • Global typography
  • Buttons and Links
  • Form Design
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Site Identity
  • Standard page Background
  • Page Transitions
  • Global Custom CSS
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Drag & Drop Editor

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Advanced Search Engine Optimization