We do not charge additional fees for additional users and allow for unlimited users, pages, products, posts, etc...

Full Platform

  • Access to the Full Quelop Platform and all Features
  • Unlimited Users, Pages, etc.. (We don’t charge you more for using our platform more)
  • Free Platform Support (Phone and Email Support with Questions and Issues)
  • Available Paid Hourly Advanced Support 


+$50/Month Each

The Following Functionality Suites can be Added to your Quelop Installation for an additional $50/month each:

  • eCommerce Suite
  • Advanced Objects Suite
  • TalPlace Career Center Suite

Software should be Scalable and Inexpensive.

Most software is priced to account for two main factors:
  • Most of their staff compromise of salespeople who are compensated for upselling clients and increasing margin.
  • Typically, “unlimited” support is factored into the pricing, which significantly drives up the base prices and does not account for companies that are mostly or entirely self-sufficient and/or low-maintenance.
Most software is priced to account for two main factors:
  • We do not have any salespeople and have low, negotiation-free pricing.
  • While our support structure does include basic email support, advanced development support is billed at an additional cost. When taking advantage of our free onboarding training and online support knowledge center, you will rarely require assistance of our advanced support.

Technical Support Structure



Our included Basic Support includes email support for the following needs:

  • Quick Questions
  • Platform Bugs and Issues
  • Feature Requests
  • Site Backup Requests
The following tools are also included:
  • Automated Issue Detection
  • Daily Website Backups
  • SSL Security Encryption


$80 / Hour

Hourly Advanced Technical Support from Our Experienced Experts to Assist with the Following Needs:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Integrations
  • User Training
  • eCommerce Consulting
  • Custom Code Development
  • Custom Object Development
  • SEO Consulting & Improvements
  • Conversion Optimization