Platform Features


  • Unlimited Customization: Customize or build anything without needing to code
  • Dynamic Layout Templates: Build layouts for various page/post types
  • Responsive Design: Optimize your site for Mobile & Tablet
  • Advanced Animations: Impress users by taking advantage of 30+ animation styles
  • Advanced SEO: Built-in advanced SEO optimizations & customizability
  • Integrations: Customizable integrations with most CRM, Social Media, and Analytics platforms


  • Drag & Drop Editor: With more than 90 easily configurable widget types
  • Global Design Settings: Enabling scalable & consistent site design
  • Easy-to-Use Admin Dashboard: Our modern admin 
  • Code-less Customizations: Customize anything without needing code
  • Free & Advanced Support: Included support with optional advanced support available


  • Optimized Code: Code files are intelligently optimized, minified, and combined
  • Efficient Resource Loading: CSS & Javascript files are only loaded on pages where they apply
  • Automated Image Optimization: Auto-compressed & optimized images
  • Intelligent Lazy-Loading: Images are intelligently lazy-loaded to speed up the initial page load
  • All Browsers Supported: All major browsers are supported


  • Daily Backups: We create daily backups of your site.
  • Brute-Force Protection: All Quelop Sites are protected against brute-force attacks
  • SSL Encryption: All Quelop sites include free SSL encryption
  • Automated Monitoring: Our software can automatically detect if your site has been attacked.
  • Malware Detection: Our system automatically detects if your site is injected with Malware.

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